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Dance Recital Ticketing® offers a complete ticketing package specifically designed for studios.

Painless Setup and Configuration

Wheelchair/Handicap Seating
Our platform clearly marks handicap seats and wheelchair spaces. Our system can be customized so that prior approval is required before specific seats can be purchased, including handicap seats. You can also require that a companion seat next to handicap spaces be purchased together.
Variable Hold Time
The shopping cart can be configured to time out anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours. The default 15-minute timer helps push people through the purchase process and make it easier for many people to purchase tickets during the first hour's rush.
Customizable Sales Page & Tickets
Customize the colors, logo, and theme of your sales page and tickets. The entire ticket selection and checkout process takes place on our servers so that you do not have software to install. However, we want your families to feel at home when they get to the site, so we use your logo on the standard set up. You can also submit custom graphics that match your theme, and we will add them to your site and tickets!
Credit Card Processing
We handle the credit card processing for you. Our solution incorporates everything you will need to sell tickets online. You do not need to have credit card processing capabilities. Our system handles all the work and processing is already included in your buyers' fee.
Tiered Seat Pricing
Establish tiered pricing by location or ticket type. You can charge premium prices for the better viewing access in rows up front or charge different prices for adults or children, for instance.
Ready-made themes
If you do not have graphics specifically designed for your sales page you are welcome to use one of our pre-built themes. They look great and your families will love them. If you are using a theme not shown, let us know. Your rep may be able to access additional themes not shown.

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Real-time Studio Reporting and Management

Downloadable Reports updated in real-time
From your Admin Portal, you have access to view/download sales and patron reports 24/7. All reports are updated in real time. You can see transactions from the time a patron adds a seat to the cart until all purchases are complete. Know at any time which seats have sold and who has purchased tickets.
Assets for Day of Show
For the day of the show, you can download a list of Patrons, download and print a seating chart showing exactly which seats are sold, and download ticket sheets for unsold seats. All of these features are included standard at no cost to you. We do not charge you a service charge for printed tickets sold at the door and there is NO MINIMUM TICKET SALES REQUIRED to receive the file for free.
Real-time accounting and seat availability reports
Our online reports are always up to date. You can see at that exact moment which seats are available for purchase and which are taken.
Direct Deposit Payments
We understand that studios need their money to pay for expenses such as theatre deposits, costumes, music, and other bills. So, you don't have to wait until after the show to receive your ticket sales proceeds! Instead, we can pay you every week with a same-day direct deposit to your bank account on Thursdays. Never wait for your money again. (Post-show payment is an alternate option.)
Held/Blocked Seats
If you want to block off specific seats for special guests and staff, or any other guests who are not required to purchase tickets, you can block the seats and send the tickets by email or download and print them.
Coupon and Discounts
If you've promised free or discounted seats or have already accepted money for seats through a recital package, you can issue any number of coupons for use during checkout. Simply have the system generate these codes using our easy-to-use Code Generator and present these codes to the buyers for use during checkout. This is a perfect solution for studios who provide "free" tickets when families pay their recital fee.
Multi-show/Automatic Discounts
If you offer a discount involving multiple shows, ticket thresholds, or other conditions, our system can apply those discounts automatically, or with the use of a coupon.
Free, printed door tickets OR easy contactless online door sales
We don't charge you for any printed tickets you sell at the door. You can print a file of the unsold tickets for use at the door. These tickets are a PDF so they print with clean lines, and are prefilled with specific show information. You can also leave sales online for contactless door sales. Post your QR flyer provided to you for easy access to your sales site.
Redacted logins for administrative staff
You can add additional logins into your administrative tools for your staff and other personnel. You set whether these logins can manage ticket sales with or without seeing financial data.
Gift Cards
You can create gift cards to buyers to use as a method of payment. This can be useful if you wish to "transfer" funds from a dancer's studio account to use for ticketing and merchandise. It is also perfect when gifting credit to a buyer without specifically wanting to create coupons.
Track sales by student
When the buyer is checking out, we can ask them who they are coming to watch. You get a report that says how many tickets each performer sold. You may want to incentivize ticket sales with your team or simply see where the majority of your sales are coming from.

Top-notch Buyer Experience

A Familiar Look
Your site is branded with your logo and can be customized to match your show theme, so your buyers confidently recognize your site.
User-friendly Purchasing Process
The buying process does not contain any unnecessary steps. Buyers access your ticketing site, select their seats, enter their payment information, and get their receipt/tickets. There is no requirement for creating an online account.
Interactive Seating Diagram
We create a map of your theatre using and buyers click on seats to add them. This way, they can visually see the seats in the theatre. (We also offer general admission style sales.)
Print-at-home & Mobile eTickets
Buyers can conveniently print out their own ticket instead of waiting to receive paper tickets by mail. Additionally, they can present their mobile eTickets on their phone. Both options are conveniently accessed through the buyer’s receipt.
Priority Access to Sales
Priority Codes are given to individuals to let them purchase tickets during a time when sales are not yet open to everyone. Use this feature to create a VIP purchase time, or to limit exactly who can purchase tickets.
Cart timeout indicator
When a buyer is running out of time. The countdown timer turns red to warn them. As they get very close to being out of time, it flashes. If the timer runs out, the tickets are released, and the transaction starts over. The default timer is set to 15 minutes.
Roster for Performer Lookup
Before buying their tickets, your families can look up their dancer and see what show(s) they are in. If the name entered matches a name on your roster, the show time is highlighted. This helps provide another way for your buyers to ensure they purchase the correct tickets, reducing the need for exchanges.
Golden tickets
Designate winning seats in your shows. Buyers will print out their tickets to be notified that they've won. The tickets print in a golden color with a special message that you customize. This is a great way to add excitement and encourage your buyers to print their tickets. You also have access to the winning seats report, so you know the winner name(s).
Raise funds for scholarships or any other purpose by allowing your buyers to donate to your cause. Enter your own custom message to tell buyers what/who you are raising money for and keep track of your donors. Include a special message on the buyer’s receipt to thank them for their contribution.
Merchandise Sales
Now you can allow your buyers to purchase additional merchandise items and keep your reporting in the same place. Sell DVDs, flowers, t-shirts, trophies, or any merch you have available for each show. Once buyers select the tickets for their show, they are taken through your merch on the way to checkout. Optional sizes, colors, show times, etc. can be added to the individual item being sold.

Everything is included for one small service charge paid by the buyers.

FREE Downloadable/Mobile Tickets
FREE Setup
FREE Weekly Distributions
FREE Door Tickets
FREE Credit Card Processing
FREE Phone Support

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Dance Recital Ticketing receives my highest recommendation. I have been working with them for years and their team and system are flawless. They are the perfect resource for the busy studio director. I get reminders throughout the season to assist me with making sure I am on schedule and up until the last moment they are a fully on-demand service. Any questions I have are answered quickly, their website is easy to navigate, deposits are plug and play, and each component you could desire for your ticketing needs are available and at your service. I could not be more pleased with them as a company.

- Jennifer Houk of Diamond Academy

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